Howdy! I'm an award-winning motion designer, video editor, and photographer in the Tampa, FL area. I'm a strong, 2D generalist with some 3D skills, and my secret weapons are my crazy good technical, problem solving, and troubleshooting abilities. I have a knack for communicating with clients and understanding what they want, in addition to being able to help guide them toward the best possible product.
I'm very involved in the motion design community, and I'm proud to be a both an alumni and now teaching assistant for the incredible School of Motion, as well as an Adobe Community Professional. Adobe recognizes my experience and ability to help others, both online and in-person at events such as Adobe MAX, where I attend annually as a teaching assistant for classes of 120 people lead by the world’s top Adobe trainers.
Let's chat if you want to work together!
Thank's for reaching out! I'll be in touch shortly.
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