Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle -
Personal Project
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a wonderfully wacky and colorful game for the Nintendo Switch. I loved the look of it so much I made a personal project that's part Mario and part my style. I really love the results and I'm already thinking about the next Mario + Rabbids-insired world to create.
This was a great exercise in procedural modeling, material creation, and composition. I also learned a ton about how to optimize a scene for Redshift's IPR. I tore my scene apart piece-by-piece to find any optimizations I could; the most surprising was how much spline masks tanked IPR performance (I used them create the yellow ground paths). The simple act of baking those procedural objects to splines drastically improved interactive performance.
Everything was modeled in Cinema 4D and rendered in Redshift. I also started learning Substance Designer around the time I was working on this project so I unnecessarily built the tree materials there so I could try out the Substance > C4D workflow. It was slightly clunky to use since the Substance shader wasn't natively supported by Redshift, but it was still pretty cool.
I'm particularly proud of these bridges: Even though I ended up using only one simple bridge in the final render, there are so many different shapes used through the game. I wanted to build a single, complex bridge that could be reshaped to work under any circumstance, simply by changing out a referenced spline. It took many iterations, but I finally ended up with a bridge that was fast to render and didn't break no matter what spline was being referenced.
Once the bridge was properly built, changing the shape became as easy as swapping in a new spline.
Hero shot of brick blocks with procedural grass growth.
The Rabbid pipe; it's weird looking. What more needs to be said?
Reference photos I pulled while playing the game.
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