NICHD Safe to Sleep Interactive Room
These images are part of a project called the NICHD Safe to Sleep Interactive Room. Our client previously had a 2D, Flash-based version of this room and it was time for a redesign; so my team and I proposed an updated, 3D version of the room. The end product is a mix of a webpage, 3D assets, camera animation, and text info on how to set up a safe sleep environment for a baby.
This project was a massive undertaking. Using Cinema 4D, I modeled the majority of the objects in the room and used some stock models. This was also my initial foray into 3D GPU rendering, so I was learning Cycles 4D and node-based materials while working on this project. I even tackled cloth simulations with X-Particles for the first time. 
Once the room itself was created, a number of camera animations were rendered and taken into Adobe Animate where I used JavaScript to code the interaction of buttons to trigger videos, images, and text slides; all of this also had to work for desktop and mobile platforms. This project was an amazing learning experience that pushed my 3D skills and also put me in unfamiliar territory using Adobe Animate for the first time. That, combined with a ton of JavaScript (and support from some really great web developer friends) led to result which can be seen here. In order to keep the download size manageable for mobile devices on a cell network, we had to forgo using video transitions from one text slide to the next, but all of the "hero buttons" on the main screen animate to a final view.
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