Red Monster 3D -
Adobe Character Animator Puppet
I had the pleasure of working with the Adobe Character Animator team to bring their lovable mascot, Red Monster, to life in the third dimension! Using Cinema 4D and Redshift I took on the task of adding depth, texture, and a bow tie to Red Monster, while retaining his adorable style and personality.
The latest iteration — Red Monster 3D
The original — Red Monster 2D

"Surprise Turn" Replay

"Smitten" Replay

A few years ago at Adobe MAX some friends and I were having a discussion about what the back of Red Monster would look like. I was just starting to delve into the world of 3D and decided to take on the challenge. Here's my first crack at Red Monster 3D. He is neither pretty, nor anatomically correct, so please ignore where that tail is positioned.
The five poses or "Head Turns" of Red Monster 3D. Just like a child with all of his favorite toys, Red Monster likes to hang out with all of his props enabled. For days when he has business meetings he can swap the bow tie for a necktie. Red Monster is prepared for whatever situation he encounters.
A view from inside Cinema 4D where Red Monster was modeled and rendered.
Red Monster's Controls panel: Each of his Head Turns, Replays (pre-recorded animations), and Props can be triggered with the keyboard key shown below each icon. The sliders on the right offer an easy way to position and scale RM, as well as alter how much his mesh can be distorted (for moving and tilting his head/body) when you control him with your camera.
Custom poses that got turned into icons for the Controls panel.
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